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Data Recovery

Data Recovery Specialists in Melbourne

We are data recovery specialist and can help you same day to recover your data in Melbourne. We have effectively recover 70% to 80% data from different types of hard drives, memory sticks and even SSD hard drive plus number of digital storage device. Our Melbourne based data recovery engineer use latest software and hardware tool to recover data from any storage devices.

The best part of our service we do not charge even a single penny if we unable to recover data. Most of the time our engineer recovered data onsite but in some cases data recover takes more time than usual. To overcome this issue, we offer free pickup and delivery so you don’t have to for extra time. Below is the graphical representation of devices from which we recover data successfully.

1: Hard Drives Data Recovery – Melbourne

If you’re based in Melborune suburbs  and looking for a quick, effective and reliable data recovery service, then your search is about to end. Our specialist engineer can recover data from broken or even burn hard drives. To make this whole service exciting we do not charge hourly rate for this service.

Hard drive data recovery

2: Memory Stick Data Recovery – Melbourne

We understand sometime you accidentally remove all the nice moments and important files. However, you should not be worry anymore becuase our data specialist can recover up to 70% to 80% data from any memory stick.

Memory Stick Data Recovery

3: SSD Hard drive Data Recovery- Melbourne

Our data recovery Specialist can recover data from SSD drive within one hour. If you lost all of your data or you format your hard drive our engineer can recover all of your previous data by using industry leading software’s and experience.

Data recovery from SSD hard drive


Data Recovery Cost

Data Recovery cost vary from device to device. We normally charge $80/h however, our engineer will give you fix cost on the spot as data recovery takes more than usual time.

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Area We Cover

We cover whole Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

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We make It transparent and simple, If you are not Satisfied with our repair, we offer full Refund.

Pickup & Delivery

If you required, Our delivery guy can collect and return your computer or laptop free of charge within the committed time frame around Melbourne.